Rental Pool Program


The Seagull rental program is provided as a convenience to our owners.

**There are two distinctions in the rental program – the Rental Pool, which includes all one and two bedroom units deposited with Seagull a minimum of eight weeks prior to the start of that week; and Late Rental units, which includes all other units deposited with Seagull less than eight weeks in advance.

**All monies collected as rent for the week are “pooled” together and shared equally between the units deposited into the Rental Pool by owners and Seagull owned units for that week.

**When an owner deposits their unit in the Rental Pool or Late Rental, they give up their right to use that unit for the entire week – either for themselves or guests

**All units deposited in the Rental Pool program and the Seagull owned units share equally in the net rental income generated for that week, regardless of whether or not the unit was occupied.

**All rental income less commissions, expenses and fees will be distributed directly to the owner(s).

**Notice of intent to participate in the Rental Pool must be received at least 8 weeks in advance of the start of the week being deposited. (See link below for cut-off dates.)

**The unit can be deposited in the Rental Pool as much as one year in advance and may be withdrawn at any time, at no charge, as long as Seagull has not taken a rental deposit for that unit.

**As always, the maintenance fees must be paid prior to placing your unit(s) in the rental program.

**If you would like to place your unit in the Rental Pool, but have missed the 8-week cut-off date, you may deposit your unit as a Late Rental with Seagull. Late Rentals will only participate in the “pooled” rental income if the number of rental guests for that week exceeds the number of units deposited in the Rental Pool. In that case, Late Rentals will be added to the pool as needed based on the date each unit was deposited as a Late Rental.

**All units in the rental program, whether Rental Pool or Late Rental, are available for use by Seagull for the entire week. In other words, there may be instances where Seagull finds it necessary to move occupants to another available unit for administrative purposes. This move however will have no effect on the original status of an owner’s position in the rental program and their portion of the income from the pool will not be affected.

2019-2020 Rental Pool Cut-Off Dates